Quick and painless piles treatment in Chandigarh

No more do you need to suffer with piles. With our modern laser treatment for piles, you can get treated in one go and ensure a permanent solution to this ailment. Become healthy and happier with our best laser piles treatment in Chandigarh.

What We Do

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Years of medical expertise

We offer you our team of experienced and expert doctors to help you get treated with the best possible procedures. Good care and precision of our patients are our first priority.

Quick piles treatment

We specialise in laser treatment for piles. Our expert doctors can perform the piles laser treatment within 30 minutes and you can get discharged in a day.

Confidential consultation

We respect the privacy of our patients. Everything about the patient’s information and consultations with the doctor would be absolutely confidential at all times.

Why choose piles laser treatment.

No cuts or stitches

The modern piles laser treatment does not involve any stitches for cuts. It is a quick and precise medical procedure that can completely cure piles effectively.

Quick treatment

You can get your laser treatment for piles within the same day. The procedure can take less than 30 minutes.

Effective and lasting results

Piles laser treatments are popular due to their high success rates. They have proven their effective results all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can piles be cured completely?

Yes, it is possible to cure piles completely. With the right treatment and care, you can get rid of piles completely with no discomfort. The latest laser treatment for piles is aimed at precise treatment of the condition for lasting results.

What foods should I avoid in piles?

You should avoid foods which have less fibre. These foods can cause constipation and discomfort for you. Some examples could be processed foods, white bread, cheese, other dairy products, meat, etc.

Is it possible for piles to lead to death?

No, piles themselves would rarely lead to a life-threatening condition. They can cause pain and discomfort to the patient, they can not lead to cancer. Though if left untreated for long, other complications can occur which might lead to a new condition such as rectal cancer.

Is it normal for piles to bleed?

Yes, it is possible to see some bleeding and irritation in case of piles. If the hemorrhoids become damaged or irritated, you can see noticeable bleeding. If you are experiencing the same, immediately seek help from your doctor.

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